7 Signs Your Business Needs A CRM Solution

It can be hard to properly diagnose the problems with your business, or to know if there’s a problem in the first place. Sure, your business isn’t growing as you expected it to, but that’s because the market is slow right now…right? Maybe. But maybe the problem is that you aren’t effectively pursuing leads or retaining customers. If that’s the case, you need to work on your CRM: customer relationship management. Here are a few signs that your business could benefit from investing in CRM software.

1. You Don’t Know What to Do with Your Data (Or You Don’t Have Any)

Data-driven strategy is now de rigueur for businesses of all sizes. But you might find yourself wondering what to do with the data you’ve collected from and about your customers, or worse, you might not be collecting any at all. CRM software assists you by analyzing your data and coming up with action steps to improve your relationships with customers, and it also offers solutions if you’re still stuck in the Stone Age and aren’t collecting data at all.

2. Your Customers Don’t Stick Around

Let’s say your business has a robust marketing strategy and no problem attracting attention to your product or service, but you don’t seem to see the same people coming back after their first purchase. That’s a sure sign you can benefit from CRM. The software is designed to help you retain customers, by sending out email reminders to renew or replace products, among other things.

3. You’ve Got Too Many Leads

As problems go, this is a good one to have. You’ve got too many potential customers and not enough resources to devote to developing leads. CRM software helps with tasks like scoring leads (evaluating them in terms of potential value), assigning representatives to follow up, and even initiating conversations with customers via chatbots to save you precious manpower.

4. You’ve Got Accounts You Depend on To Survive

Many companies have a few clients that represent a major portion of their profits, to the point that losing their business could cripple the firm going forward. CRM can help with this on multiple fronts. The CRM system will remind you of important milestones and deadlines so you don’t slip up and lose the client. It will also help you build your client base so you’re not dependent on any single account to stay afloat.

5. Your Sales Team Is Overworked

You depend on your sales staff to generate and develop leads, but there’s only so much they can do. If they seem like they’re running on fumes, it’s probably because they’re dealing with too many tasks at one time. CRM software can automate many of the most tedious aspects of sales so that your team is free to focus on the most important matters.

6. You Have Trouble Keeping Track of Client Contact Info

Especially for businesses with a lot of clients, keeping tabs on everyone can be a real headache. But implementing a CRM solution can solve that problem instantly. A CRM system will organize all of your customer data, and many systems will send your staff helpful reminders when it’s time to reestablish contact with a client or close a deal.

7. You’re Unsure About Your Next Steps for Growth

If your company is stagnant, CRM can bust you out of your rut. The limitations your company faces can be overcome with the help of software designed to improve productivity and increase profits. And with a good CRM solution, you’ll be well equipped to handle the influx of new clients.

There are a huge number of options for software to address this problem, with Salesforce being the most popular. If your business fits any of the descriptors above, consider adding CRM to your strategy.

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