7 Tools to Help You Analyze and Optimize Your Customer Journey

Consumers in the Internet age are more demanding when it comes to the way they discover and purchase products than ever before. Luckily, with the wealth of analytical data we receive from e-commerce platforms, it’s never been easier to micromanage every aspect of customer experience. It’s especially instructive to think about a customer’s experience with your product or service as a journey, from the initial point of discovery to the ultimate purchase to the continued relationship with the brand and company. Here are ten tools that can help you evaluate your customer journey and find places to improve.


Smaply is a web-based software tool that you can use to create user personas, customer journey maps, and diagrams of the stakeholders involved in your company, all in a smartly crafted visual interface that makes sense immediately. Smaply’s user persona tool lets you create a detailed personality chart for your hypothetical target consumer, while its mapping tools can help you plot out the complex web of relationships involved in your product. The resulting plan is detailed, loaded with action points, and ready to implement immediately.


You can use this “mobile ethnography tool” to capture and investigate detailed information on customer experience. The tool is fantastic on the research front, allowing users to set up feedback channels through a mobile application or a QR code. As for analysis, ExperienceFellow lets you go step by step through any individual customers’ unique journey and analyze their experience at multiple touchpoints. In terms of depth, it doesn’t get much better.


Canvanizer is more of a general mapping software than something specific to the customer journey, but its popularity among customer experience professionals says something about what it has to offer. The unique, textural interface makes mapping out a customer journey a breeze, and the software is set up for seamless collaboration with other members of your team. You can use Canvanizer’s pre-loaded templates for customer journey analysis or build your own.


Heap is for people who aren’t happy with a few selected analytics. As the name suggests, the software generates a massive pile of data, capturing every single user interaction on your website or iOS app for you to pore over at your leisure. Heap tracks clicks, gestures, page views, and much, much more, allowing you access to every bit of information on how users move around your site or app and get a comprehensive picture of their journey.


Transformation is a tool that brings the power of artificial intelligence to bear in service of planning out awesome customer journeys, enabling you to build feedback loops to reflect customer behavior, gather data from multiple touchpoints on customer experience, and organize it all into a simply plotted, linear journey that’s easy to comprehend.


This is one of the quickest tools for slapping together a professional customer journey map. The included templates make it incredibly intuitive to create your map in a matter of minutes. Uxpressia also has a full range of collaborative features to make working with others a breeze. Beyond creating maps quickly, Uxpressia lets you continue to refine your ideal customer experience in greater detail with a full suite of planning tools.

Sugar CRM Customer Journey Solution

Sugar CRM offers a range of handy software for CRM (customer relations management), and their version of a customer journey planner is especially useful. The Customer Journey Solution allows you to create smaller journeys within a customer’s larger lifecycle, planning each customer interaction in exacting detail and tracking their progress through multiple stages.


The consumer’s experience is a make-or-break factor for every business. The tools above can help you make your customer journey a trip people want to take again and again.


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