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Medical / Doctor
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Appointment Booking and Schduling


Khalid Sharif


Jan - Mar 2018

Our Services

  • Marketing & Research
  • Appointment Booking and Scheduling
  • Website UI & UX Design and Development
  • Admin View for Calendar and Schedule with Notifications
  • Easy & Simple Interface

The Goal

Our goal was to make a light weight WordPress theme that simplifies processes and automates others. The user interface is simple to understand with different views and layouts to use. Staff members and Admins can see bookings, calendars, and schedules. Custom notification was setup to notify staff members of upcoming bookings and the ability to set and turn off other notifications.   

Our theme was also integrated to CRM software that captures all customers and save them as contacts for future follow ups. Then, we can perform email and promo campaigns and target those contacts. Finally, the website's database was also connected to an app for the user's convince.

Time is generally the best doctor.


Simple Registration Form

Book with a Doctor nearby

E-commerce & Booking Tools

Building the concept


Compatible with Wordpress & Woocommerce, this plugin is ready to integrate with all themes.

CRM Integration

Easily integration with most CRM systems out there, in our case, we have used Hubspot to capture all new orders and store the purchaser as a contact.

Role Management

Supports custom roles to fit custom needs, such as store manger, stock manger, sales staff, marketing staff, and Admins.

User Interface

The front end and backend interfaces are extremely easy to understand, Admin has more controls and settings over the rest of the staff to ensure easy of flow. 

Booking Form

Admin has the ability to build own Appointment & Scheduling Form and as many as needed. Notifications can also be customized, such as emails to staff members and patients 

Guided Tour

No need for a private tutor to understand our software, just click the help button and it will guide you through the steps. 

Clean & Elegant Medical Theme

The Result

This project was an ultimate success, it’s truly one of a kind to have all your tools under one system or plugin in this case. Our client’s library of hundreds of products is safe under one roof, plus all order and user information. This one tool eliminates the need for many other plugins to perform the same thing, making it extremely convenient for staff members. Finally, automating some of the processes eliminated the need for a middle man, and freed up staff members to focus on what’s important.

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