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Health & Workout Theme

WordPress Theme with Client Portal




Mar - Apr 2018


Exercise Video Library

Our Services

  • Marketing & Research
  • Branding Strategy & Design
  • Front End Client Portal
  • Calories Burned from Workout & Daily Calculator
  • Meal Builder Plugin & Nutrition Calculator
  • Workout & Food Databse Library

The Goal

Our goal was to make a light weight theme & plugin that combines health tools and workout libraries in a one portal for clients to manage. The user interface is simple to understand with different views and layouts to use. All tools are available to viewers to use as demo, and extra features are only available to members.
Backend was just as important for the client, so we have developed a backend user interface that connects all systems in one form. Client has his own backend tables to enter all database items, with an option to mass import and export. The health database contained categories of different types of foods and complete nutrition facts for each item, while workout items had videos and images supplementing each workout.
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Custom Nutrition Calculations Plugins

Custom built Plugin for Users to utilize in their portal

Save & Share Data

Users are able to save their calculations and view them later

Responsive Sidebar Menu

That looks good on all devices

Building the concept


Compatible with Wordpress & Woocommerce, this plugin is ready to integrate with all themes.

CRM Integration

Easily integration with most CRM systems out there, in our case, we have used Hubspot to capture all new orders and store the purchaser as a contact.

Role Management

Supports custom roles to fit custom needs, such as Trainers, Nutrition editors, sales staff, and admins

User Interface

The front end and backend interfaces are extremely easy to understand, Admin has more controls and settings over the rest of the staff to ensure easy of flow. 


Packed with tools for the front end user, health tools such as meal builder, daily nutrition calculator, and health tips. Workout tools include a library of workouts with videos and photos

Guided Tour

No need for a private tutor to understand our software, just click the help button and it will guide you through the steps. 

All your Health & Workout needs in one tool

The Result

This project was an ultimate success, it’s truly one of a kind to have all your tools under one system or plugin in this case. Our client’s library of hundreds of database items are safe under one roof, plus all order and user information. This one tool eliminates the need for many other plugins to perform the same thing, making it extremely convenient for staff members. Finally, we have built many custom tools for the Client to embed anywhere in the website, and for the end user to access and enjoy.

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